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Attributes In heading 1

This is a link

Paragraphs in heading 2

This is a paragraph A.

This is a paragraph B.

This is a paragraph C.

Formatting in heading 3

This text is bold

This text is strong

This text is italic

This text is emphasized

This is computer output

This is subscript and superscript

Comments in heading 4

This is a paragraph.

Links in heading 5

If you set the target attribute to "_blank", the link will open in a new browser window/tab.

Image inserting in heading 6
You'll need to have an image accessible


Table in h1

Jill Smith 50
Eve Jackson 94
John Doe 80

Unordered List

Ordered List

  1. Coffee
  2. Milk

Descriptive list

- black hot drink
- white cold drink