Thomas A. Edison High School/
John C. Fareira Skills Center
151 W Luzerne St.
Philadelphia, PA 19140
Welcome to Thomas Alva Edison/John C. Fareira High School. Edison is a senior high school located in North Philadelphia with close to 3000 students. 
Edison is a multicultural school [with roughly 75% Latino, 20% Black, 5% Asian and 1% White] and is the largest multiracial school in Philadelphia. As part of this variety, everyone at Edison must follow the School District policy on discrimination.Students have been required to earn 23.5 credits to graduate as of June, 2000.

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Edison/Fareira High School lost more students in the Viet Nam War than any other high school in the United States.  For a list of those former students, click here.



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Note: Edison/Fareira High School has no connection with Edison Schools, Inc.

Edison/Fareira High School is completely wired for access to the Internet via a T1 line and will soon offer wireless connections as well.

Our school Mascot is an Owl.

Much of the text on the Academies in this site is from the 2000 Edison/Fareira High School yearbook and we want to thank the sponsor, Mr. R. Pomante for his cooperation.
Additional photos from Mr. N. Bain.
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