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Web Design Log

Log of corrections & modifications
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5/5/2017 - I've been wanting to 'update' my sites for some time now. By 'update' I mean use more modern looking formats. The most obvious - & I thought the 'easiest' - was letting the site fill the page regardless of the screen size the viewer was using, even if that meant a phone.

It turned out a lot more complicated than I thought - but what doesn't?

Instead of using this site to experiment with I used my Wissahickon School District site that I was assembling: 

My first attempt ended in a complete mess & I had to start again & it became a 2-step process:

  1. make it like every other site I made previously - narrow, just floating in the an abyss with huge amounts of space on either side. 
  2. once the content was installed I proceeded to plop in the wide controls.

I used alternate names, such a index1.shtml, so I could have both versions online at the same time until the 'wide' version was running properly. At that point, all I had to do was upload the wide version with the 'old' names.

Most importantly, it actually worked - eventually.

The next site I'll attack will be this one & I'll hopefully develop an easier technique than the first attempt.

This will have to wait, however, as I'm in the midst of an election campaign.

Fun, FUN!

1/19/2017 - Decided to give the stark, automatic, background a color. The biggest problem was remembering which WebService the various sites dwelled in. When I finally figured that out, it went fairly quickly. My first choice for this site is a light gray but it seems to vary.

I'll be slowly modifying the other sites similarly.

1/18/2017 - Just discovered this site is 6 years old!

1/2/2017 - Put our Italian trip up. Others had gone before. Italy, because of the large number of pics required a 5-part menu.

5/27/2016 - Posted the older campaign Great School Team sites of 2013 & '15 with thumbnails.

7/4/2015 - Posted the pictures from our riverboart cruise from Basel, Switzerland to Amsterdam, Holland

7/2/2015 - After a session at PACS, I inserted a Goggle Calendar into the calendar page of the WissahickonDems web site. Hopefully this will make the job of keeping the schedule easier & solve the problem with the change in color of the bullets. 

11/15/2014 - Updated photo sections & went a little nuts getting 1 picture to load properly. I redid it about 10,000 times. It finally worked for no reason that I can acertain.

8/9/2014 - Updated & added Photo page to include Eastern Europe & Cabo.

6/21/2014 - Added a page for the PACS HTML SIG to hold files for the sig.

2/21/2014 - Re: 1/24 problem. With the help of Reed solved the new tab problem with FAQ. He noticed a stray _blank command. No telling how long or how that had been there.

Also fixed the lack of sidebar on Letters & Volunteer page but Volunteers still doesn't work as a table.

2/14/2014 - Started looking at the 1/24 problem with no luck.

Did discover 2 other problems: an odd font call on one page - fixed and no sidebar on the Letters page - not fixed.

Tried to fix the new tab problem but will have to cut & paste a large section into Letters & I'll wait until I have more time.

Some odd stuff going on.

1/24/2014 - Discovered something odd! On site when going from Index to another page just opens in the same tab. However, when going from Voting Forms to Pictures opens a new tab but doesn't seem to do it when going from other pages. When I looked at the Sidebar inclusion section, I discovered some major differences that really shouldn't be there.

This will take some major research & pleas for help from my mavens.

Tune in for the exciting conclusion!

12/31/2013 - For the last act of 2013 added a Shutterfly album of our campaign for Wissahickon School Board.

6/24/2013 - The Web Design Sig at PACS did a 'fix you site on the fly' session & I volunteered my sites.

Interesting, we found a chronic error in the HTML: The use of the command <titlfe>. I always closed it but the only problem is there is no <titlfe> command. As John said, "There is no F'in title."

Problem is it was in most of my sites & pages. I have to open every site & page & upload the corrections.

5/31/2013 - Added Hyde Park, NY pictures and moved the 'dead' Bridge to Action site from the Web to inside this site.

2/7/2013 - Added the South Africa pictures - nearly 400. I used the model of the Israel/Jordan trip instead of lumping everything in 1 album.

1/11/2013 - While updating the Rose of Sharon site, I noticed that the navigation bar was on the right side instead of the left. After looking at that page & one that looked correct, I detected an extra style="float: left". The odd thing - gee, isn't that a new statement about html!? - when I removed it, the navigation bar moved from right to left.

Don't you just love it?

12/23/2012 - Noticed I didn't have the photo slide shows for all the albums I have on Shutterfly posted on my Photos page. Did Cape Cod & Punta Cana.

12/5/2012 - As I suspected, my difficulties in uploading revised pages had something to do with the new servers Dotster is now using. After getting through to them I discovered they've totally revised the way the site looks on their end - thus my difficulty. I had been uploading my new stuff to the old server.

Looks like it's working now.

11/26/2012 - Still setting up the Shutterfly pages & still no luck with uploading. No word from in response to my email.

Discovered an error in the All Class Reunion - link send to pictures of Senior Class visits. Fixed.

11/24/2012 - Creating new 'sites' on Shutterfly & linking them to this site. Tedious, to say the least because of all my photo albums that were on Kodak.

Re: the double naming of pictures: I found the solution - a simple click. Now if I can only remember where that click-box is.

Still no successful uploads to Dotster. I can see them on the site with FileZoom but the browser doesn't.

11/17/2012 - Long time since any changes here. Problem now is the demise of Kodak's site & movement to ShutterFly. Finally began creating albums there & it's not exactly intuitive.

Problem is that I get a double listing of the frame name for each picture. I sent an email to them & await their response.

Another odd problem [aren't they all?] is that I can't upload to Dotster. I presume this is caused by some glitch on their end.

We'll see.

11/21/2011 - I've finally started using the Blog we set up at the PACS meeting last year. So far, the content is commentary on the election and my hearing aid. This last is more amusing than the topic suggests. Trust me.

Also, after a conversation with Milt I discovered that links don't work the way I thought they would so I had to play in WordPress a bit until I figured it out. Check out the Sites page to see.

11/18/2011 - With the election over, I've updated by Sites page with links to the 2011 Great School version.

6/23/2011 - After the gurus located the problem - the <HR> command after the Nav buttons - we still didn't know how to fix the problem, other than removing it. I fiddled with it (beat my head against the wall) then tried to change it from 85%. It seems they were trying to put it 85% of the Container so it 'popped' over to the bottom of the page. 

Still don't know which of them were really wrong: FireFox/IE or Chrome/Safari.

5/31/2011 - Just discovered that Safari and Chrome don't display's Home page properly: the pictures, instead of being below Navigation, are at the bottom. Odd. Even IE shows it right. Waiting on response from Reed, my Web guru.

5/19/2011 - Running for Wissahickon School Board again and therefore have to revamp the website. Fun returning to something I did 2 years ago and trying to remember what everything does!

3/15/2011 - Here's more fun! Added a new domain. Went through the usual complications. [This means I had no idea how to add it to my list of domains.] I called Dotster & the techie explained I had used up the number of domains in each space but if I upgraded my service there would be no problem. To top this off, it would actually be cheaper!

So I did.

Oops! There went their support for FrontPage. Don't laugh, I'm still using it but could no longer upload with it so I had to learn how to use FTP - a terror I'd be trying to avoid, successfully, up to that point.

I downloaded a free FTP file program - FileZilla - & began to bang around in my usual manner. And, two calls to Support later, I seem to have gotten it.

What a mess.

7/15/2010 - Discovered a problem with the link to Cancun picts on Kodak. Fixed.

7/10/2010 - Added link to Cancun picts on FaceBook and changed the 'look' of the size information.

6/25/2010 - Just noticed the Links page was titled 'About.' Fixed.

5/3/2010 - That will teach me about being careful while renaming files. I was 'neatening' the file names of the photo albums in and ended up 'disconnecting' 3 entire albums and had to do them all over.

A real mess.

4/15/2010 - Inserted my resume in old, unused, About page.

4/12/2010 - Added a box in to include date of the next meeting.

Had a problem when I tried to put it after the logo (Welcome) but when it is placed before, it's OK.

Also took out some MesoNormal formatting from the page though it was more trouble than it was worth. This came about because I cut/pasted it from a Word file instead of sending it via WordPad, as I do now.

Added Album from FB of old yearbook picts + made thumbnails - as I've done for all the other pages - of Obama's Christmas Card. This cut the download time in half.

4/5/2010 - Here's something odd: all but the Photos page has a space between the Masthead & the Top Nav. Wonder why?

*Discovered that Photos page used a <div class="tbnav"> while all other pages used <div id="tbnav"> Then checked & the id had the command clear: both which added a blank space.

Changed everything to class.

Finally discovered why Home & Letters had more words/line in the Motto [Anyone can fake....] than all the other pages: There was a stray <font> declaration. Now all is well - at least until I notice something else!

4/4/2010 - Figured out how to make FaceBook albums visible from outside without being a FB member.

3/28/2010 - Finished - all but 1! - of the 194 Interview pages. [Done!]

3/24/2010 - Rearranged menu in Letters page based on a keyword in the title.

3/23/2010 - Rearranged letters so that the latest is at the top. I'm not sure what order they are in the menu.... Looks like I have something else to do.

3/15/2010 - Continuing on the Oral History interviews. Discovered I already had a css file for it. Also, doesn't seem any way around updating the declaration line - for all 194 pages!

2/28/2010 - Such fun! Started just adding 2 css pieces [css link & wrapper] and ran into several problems: colors in Oral History pages had text color changes + sometimes just the 1st line of the interview.

Fixed this by changing the p def but still had to fix several 1st lines.

2/16/2010 - While I'm waiting to find out about the css problem I've decided to 'clean up' the Oral History interviews - 194! Hard to believe I missed so much stuff: mostly extra carriage returns and space at the top. Also continued my Thumbnail project for the pictures in Oral History.

2/15/2010 - More fun! I started 'fixing' the interviews in the Oral History Project by using the rs.css file and the Wrapper div. It worked fine in FireFox but when I tried it - after 10 pages! - in IE, there was no change.  Back to the drawing boards.

2/14/2010 - "Solved" the problem of the "twitch" in a most inelegant manner: when I couldn't figure out what was wrong with the Volunteer sidebar copied the top, then bottom until the twitch disappeared. The problem was somewhere in the sidebar section but I'll never know where.

Moved this log from the Index page to its own - logical - Web Design Log page.

Also used thumbnails on Oral History site to reduce the time to download - often by 50%

2/10/2010 - Bottom nav done. Still concerned with those 'twitches.' Also created more extensive Archive pages. In RoseofSharonMinistriesLTD increased the use of thumbnails to speed the pages up.

Question to consider: with change of WissahickonDems to shtml, what will happen to people who find it with 'old' links that take them to html pages. Will try to produce an index.html file that will shift them over.  Perhaps the idea of 'smart' 402 error pages??

Answer: Created a page, index.html, so that if they have an old link will give them the new .shtml page or just a link. Will create a .htm as well.

2/3/2010 - In WissahickonDems inserted shtml included menus. Still a few pages with a "twitch" that needs fixing. Also need to include bottom navigation. With the mod of WissahickonDems, all my sites now have shtml include files.

2/1/2010 - Continuing the overhaul of WissahickonDems - put new logos in improved css use in banner and graphic. Also, the reporting form seems to have been 'fixed.'

1/25/2010 - Beginning the major overhaul of WissahickonDems - did the Wissahickon logo and removed the redundant box below it. Waiting approval on new menu buttons.
Also, discovered problem with the Volunteer reporting form. 

1/23/2010 - With what I learned & used here, I updated WissahickonDems with thumbnails. FrontPage claims 42% speed increase. Even if it's not that great - still worth it.

1/21/2010 - redid the Photo page with thumbnails.

1/20/2010 - redid the Sites page without the bevels on the thumbnails.

1/19/2010 - Changed the order on this page to latest on top. Also changed jpgs of portions of page to pdfs for full view.

1/18/2010 - Changed Sites page to use thumbnails for sites. Need to change thumbs, though - reduce the bevels.

Eliminated Alerts & About Ron since there's nothing in them along with the "*" since now everything is "live."

Fixed the link background problem in the Letters page.

Added a Letters page with an index but the color background is off on links - need to fix it.

All of  the links "work" but some have no real content - just "place holders." Those with an * have content.

Since last time I've made several corrections - especially in the footer and top navigation bars - but I was unable to include the color bars in the top section. I'll work on that.


Anyone can fake teaching for a day. A lifetime takes a special skill.

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