Immigration/Migration Experiences

Immigration/Migration Experiences, a multidisciplinary, multicultural standards-based project, sponsored by the Philadelphia Education Fund is based on work done by two members of the team at the American Memory Institute at the Library of Congress. The full lesson plan can be found on the Library's site.

Edison/Fareira High School students conducted oral history interviews with family members or friends about their experiences in moving to Philadelphia. They have also experienced and reacted to film and literature about immigration/migration, and used primary source materials from the American Memory Collection and other sources.

An underlying theme of the project was to convey voices of Edison/Fareira's mainly Latino and African American community to the world, demonstrating that we are all part of history.

The young people participating in the project responded with enthusiasm, producing thoughtful interviews and reactions in their work. A videotaped group interview with Dr. José Lebron, our Principal at that time, effectively shows issues of identity and racial problems for Puerto Ricans in this country.

Almost all of the members of the team are no longer at Edison/Fareira: Dr. Evelyn Bender, librarian, Mr. Ron Stoloff, social studies, Mr. Walt Fellman, English and Mr. Norbert Bain, visual communications, have all retired.  Ms. Karen Vartanian, English, is now at Central High School and Mr. Richard Pomante, formerly Motivation Small Learning Community Coordinator is now Assistant Principal.

Though we are no longer at Edison/Fareira the pride in what our students created continues.

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