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This page connects you to other sites I've worked on.
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Ron Stoloff's Blog - this was created at a PACS meeting and has
such exciting items as my adventures in hearing aids.
This is actually much funnier than it sounds.
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Passing the Transgender Policy in the
Wissahickon School District
- 2016

For Hearing Aids
- 2011

Campaign Insights - 2011

The $10,000,000 Cat
: Parts 1-5 2015

Pt 1   Pt 2   Pt 3
Pt 4   Pt 5

The Saga - moving from my 1st computer, a TRS-80, to an IBM 'clone' 1985 (posted 12/2016)

Latest Posting - no matter what

wpe1A.jpg (88345 bytes)Oral History - my oldest site from Edison/Fareira High School. This was a project that started with the Library of Congress and ran for 4 years and grew to 194 interviews. This site was originally part of the Edison/Fareira High School site, which I also designed. 

    wpe19.jpg (75999 bytes)Edison/Fareira High School web site - no longer posted. This is the 2004 version that I updated after I left E/F. The school site was redesigned 3 years after I left Edison using a template supplied by the School District.   Note: some of the links, especially external ones, do not work but are included to show how the original site looked.
    See the present Edison/Fareira High School Site.

    wpe18.jpg (62888 bytes)Wissahickon Democrats - My first external site. This site is constantly changing, especially the calendar and contacts page. This is my most massive site, mainly because of the pictures and albums.

    This thumbnail is of the old site, use this as a reference to compare to the new site.

GST2015.PNG (459494 bytes)Great School Team2015 - The site for our successful run for the Wissahickon School Board - 2015

gst2013.PNG (209780 bytes)Great School Team2013 - The site for our successful run for the Wissahickon School Board - 2013

gst2011.jpg (220858 bytes)Great School Team - the site of my 2nd unsuccessful run for Wissahickon School Board - 2011

I borrowed the basic structure from 2009 though the 2011 Home was the Stoloff page of 2009.

wpe17.jpg (71790 bytes)Great School Team - the site for my unsuccessful run for the Wissahickon School Board - 2009

    wpe16.jpg (70349 bytes)Rose of Sharon Ministries, LTD - site I designed for Florence Duckett who creates CDs of Gospel Music and distributes them to soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan. This is my second largest site, mainly because of the archives of events and photos.

    This site has morphed, over time, to one that posts salutes to returning soldiers.

    wpe15.jpg (67518 bytes)Historical Society of Whitpain - a site for the group that's "just around the corner," a local historical society.

    When they merged, this site lapsed.

    wpe14.jpg (71654 bytes)Bridge to Action - I met the leader of this group during the 2008 Obama Campaign and she spun off an organization that sought to coordinate volunteers.

    After 2011, this site is no longer active.

    wpe13.jpg (82223 bytes)Taylor's Board of Education site - no longer active - 2007

Anyone can fake teaching for a day. A lifetime takes a special skill.

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