Text Box: Carmina Taylor ForWissahickon School Board

Election is a quest with no regrets

To the Editor:

On the eve of election day, I can't help but reflect on the nine j month journey that has brought me to writing all of you at this time. First, not knowing whether I will have won a seat on the Wissahickon School Board or not, I would like to 1 thank those who voted for me and supported my quest to unveil the truth about our school district. The quest has been an uncertain road at times but one in which I have traveled with no regrets. The quest for truth wasn't for the sole purpose to brand anyone person or entity, it is a quest to ask truthful questions and expect truthful answers.

The quest is about being honest about what's wrong and doing something about it for the benefit of our school community. If my run for school board has led to you view the school board meetings more intently, plan on attending school board meetings in the future or decide to ask more questions that you might have the smallest doubt... then I won. I hope that I have become a catalyst for change, not accepting the status quo. I hope I have become a catalyst for change in which we will stop dividing our interests based on social class, race or political gain. The Wissahickon School District is a multi-faceted school community.

What affects one neighbor matters to me, what affects a student in an elementary school even though my child does not attend that school matters to me. Let's start caring about things that truly matter about children in our school district. Let's start truly being one Wissahickon.

All of the attempts to retain power on the board will only make their job harder during the next two years. The strategic plan will have its challenges, the next high level contracts will be under more scrutiny. As a school community, we need to be steadfast and relentless is asking for increased transparency, true inclusive leadership, and truly validate community concerns. As a school community we need to wait and see when they will have to impose a tax increase or when they will stop sending signals to one another during Board meetings to direct or deflect dialogue in their favor.

Please keep an eye on how they talk to me or even how they will continue to attempt to dismiss me. Either way, change will be inevitable. The type of change is now directed to you. What will you do next time around during the election cycle? We can be a winning school district all around again but its going to have to take the effort from all of us to make it happen.

Thank you all who tried to squelch my voice, I will speak more resonantly next time; thank you all for taking Patrick's signs, we will put out more next time; thank you for marginalizing the scope of com- munity engagement to discuss real issues, we will demand a better standard next time. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger. Patrick and I are still standing. Real change will produce real results. 

Carmina Taylor, Penllyn

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